Best 4K TV | The Top HD TVs worth buying today

Choosing the best 4K TVs can be quite a daunting experience as it is not all about resolution. It is about the type of panel, whether OLED, QLED, and then other factors such as quality of sound, HDR features and so many more. You don’t need to go for the most expensive TV set as a cheaper option or even a budget option might suit your needs better. Compiling this list for the best 4K TV in 2020 we have taken into account all of these factors and provide TV sets for all budgets and situations.

You have to bear in mind though that you get what you pay for and you should not expect top-end features in a low-end budget TV. This is the same with everything in life and here it is no different. Saying that some budget 4K TVs pack quite a punch and in some areas can easily go head to head with the higher-end TV sets. Ultimately, all of these TV sets will give you unbelievable value for money and amazing quality.

Why choosing 4K over HD? You might argue that the human eye will struggle to appreciate the increased resolution, but the fact is that you do see the increased resolution. HD looks stunning and if you need to zoom into the image, you still get amazingly sharp images. The color palette and image rendering is incredible. Plus the range of additional features in these TVs really makes it worth it.

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Samuel Sotiega

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