‘Beneath the Bird Feeder’ Documents the Spectacular Wildlife Visiting a Wintertime Food Source



November 24, 2021

Grace Ebert

A northern cardinal. All images certified from Carla Rhodes

During the cold weather of late 2020 into early 2021, professional photographer Carla Rhodes looked after a birdfeeder that hung beyond her house in the Catskills of New York. The suspended food source amassed attention from myriad cold-weather travelers, consisting of a dazzling northern cardinal, many sets of grieving doves, and furry little field mice, who checked out the location among the snow and freezing temperature levels.

Thanks to a video camera stationed close by, Rhodes recorded the curious cast of wildlife who roamed into her lawn, a venture that culminated in the striking photographic task Beneath the Bird Feeder. Comprised of lots of images mostly shot in low light, the series frames the distinct functions of the uninformed animals, catching the pearlescent wings of a tufted titmouse or the beady eye of North America’s just poisonous animal, the short-trailed shrew.

Explore more from the collection and discover a selection of conservation-focused images on Rhodes’s website and Instagram.


A tufted titmouse

Mourning doves

A black-capped chickadee

An eastern gray squirrel

An American red squirrel

A deer mouse

A northern short-trailed shrew

A northern cardinal

A dark-eyed junco



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