Beginning and Ending Digraph Phonemic Awareness Game

Phonemic awareness activities are quick and fun for kids. It’s helpful to have a wide variety of games at your fingertips to help children practice these important early literacy skills. This Beginning and Ending Digraph Phonemic Awareness Game is a helpful way to practice sorting picture card by where kids hear the digraph in word, at the beginning or the end. The game is perfect for introducing in whole group or small group and then practicing during literacy centers.

In this phonemic awareness activity, your students will practice distinguishing between a digraph sound at the beginning or ending of a word, using a picture. Then they will sort the “tickets” based on the location of the digraph. This activity should be done after kids have practiced sorting only by beginning or ending digraph as we’ve done in previous digraph activities.

Beginning and ending digraph sort for prek and kindergarten-remember to review vocabulary

Before doing this phonemic awareness activity independently, I recommend having them do the picture sort in whole group to ensure your children are familiar with the vocabulary. Once they’ve done it a few times, you can repeat these in small groups or centers.

Contents of free printable digraph sorting trains activity

How to Play

Cut train pieces and tickets apart individually.

Sorting beginning and ending digraph sounds for prek and k phonemic awareness activities

Game cards can be placed in a bag or face down in a stack so kids can draw them at random.

An answer key has been provided to see the words associated with each picture. This key can also be made accessible to students after they’ve completed the activity to check their work if you’d like.

Optional self-checking answer keys for beginning and ending digraph sorting trains literacy center

Another way to practice is using the coloring sheets included in this Beginning and Ending Digraph Trains activity.

Optional digraph worksheet for phonemic awareness in prek and kindergarten

Kids can use the black and white sheets to color in items based on the beginning and ending digraphs shown. This is a quick way to check in and see if kids are grasping the concept or they need additional practice.

Beginning and Ending Digraphs Phonemic Awareness Worksheet



4-in-1 Ending Sounds Digital Activities Bundle

Choose from four different sets available in Google Slides, Seesaw and a PDF printable option.

These digital games can be used for:

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