Become a BallerTV -Site Lead or Video Producer in the USA

Dwayne Wade -endorses this website and service 

Because COVID 19 youth sports and major events have been canceled please see Amazon Flex or remote opportunities.

What is Baller TV?

With live coverage, replays, and highlights of more than 10,000 games on any given weekend, BallerTV is changing the game of sports broadcasting.

BallerTV is on a mission to connect families and communities everywhere through the unifying power of live sports.

BallerTV is committed to creating opportunities for student-athletes, as well as our network of Broadcast Partners. We are creating thousands of new sports media opportunities each year and offer unprecedented access to game footage, helping student-athletes get recruited to the next level.

Gigs at home Review 

Make money as a Video site lead in various states across the United States of America the position is easy to apply for and the sports are regional college and high school teams the network is an on-demand app that offers sports programming Life and on-demand offering a place for the youth to become stars in their own right. BallerTV is a amater sports event videos on demand so parents can and family can watch the games on demand make extra money up to $250 for two days of work.  

Is this a Part-time or Full-Time Job/Gig?

The gigs are not Full time unless your in a city where sports events are frequent this is seen as a part-time gig not full time. Great way to make some side money but not a full-time job your an Independent contractor. 

 How much do you get paid to work for Baller TV?

Pay is over $13 per hour in some cases depending on if you’re looking to be a site lead or a videographer of course. You will need a smartphone and ability to work for the entire day you will be paid out by Pay pal and you can be a manager or a videographer. 

Here are a few cities they are hiring in now Alexander, MN, Daytona Beach, CA, Knoxville TN, Duluth, MN, Bradenton, FL, Lancaster TN  please visit their website and apply today. 

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