Back-to-School Mental Health Tips from Teen Line Teens

Going back to school can be exciting, but for some it can bring anxiety, stress and it can make you make you feel sad. #summertimesadness To help alleviate some of the negative thoughts, take a few tips from our teen volunteers who are going through the same back-to-school emotions.

When you are getting sleepy in class, ask your teacher if you can get a drink or use the restroom. It will wake you up! – Esther

Take a break between school and homework! Go outside, eat a snack, take a nap, or play a game. Keep your brain rested and happy by breaking things up so that stress doesn’t become overwhelming! – Anusha

What helps me when I am anxious at school is to keep a planner! Writing down what I need to do and my upcoming events for each day helps me, so I don’t not get anxious if I think I missed an assignment. – Alexandra

The best way for me to deal with back to school anxiety is to make a schedule!! Trying to stay consistent and organized (both time wise and with my school supplies) is the best way to get back in the groove of things at school.  I like to block out hour long chunks of work to do, 20-minute breaks, and then some more work to stay focused.  – Eve

So, when going back to school, I like to make sure that I can do my best to maintain time management and stay on top of my work as well as making room/ time for myself. Meditation before school and after school when going to bed has helped tremendously! It gives me a fresh slate and healthy mindset to start the day. – Rosie

Whenever I go back to school it always helps me to jump back into a routine. I try to really stay on top of my work for the first couple of weeks and focus only on that. It also helps to come to school with a positive mindset every morning. I try to smile at people I don’t know in the hallway or say hi to people I barely know, just because it makes the day nicer to have those little human connections. Starting back at school can be extremely overwhelming, which of course it was at times this past couple of weeks, but I have been reminding myself to breath and push through, because I know that in the end, this hard work will pay off. Focus on growing as a person, and sharing that experience only with people who help to make your life at school fun and drama free. – Holly

Don’t put yourself in uncomfortable situations. Anything that will trigger anxiety, depression etc. If a sport or club is too much to handle, it’s okay! Drop it or find ways to cope. It’s not worth it if it’s making you miserable. – Kiera

My biggest school anxiety savior is having some small fidget toys with me. I always have some putty or a small fidget cube in my backpack and it is super helpful! Also talking to my teachers about my struggles has helped me in the past. I usually find that my teachers just want what’s best for me and that includes mentally. – Abi

I’ve found it really helpful to schedule fun things in the future (like getting tickets to go see a concert or weekend brunch) so that I have something to look forward to and so that my entire year isn’t JUST school. I think that sometimes it’s hard to make time for yourself because you feel guilty about taking time away from studying or work, but to be your best, you need to rest. – Chelsea

Going back to school is tough but know that you aren’t alone. Teen Line is here for you all year round. We are open nightly, call 800-852-8336 from 6pm – 10pm PST or text “teen” to 839863 6pm-9pm PST #youarenotalone

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