April 2019 “Finish It!” Design Challenge WINNERS


Okay, so here’s the thing. It was pointed out to me, after the contest had closed, the gallery of entries posted, and the finished tutorial sent to all participants (by the way…. if you haven’t received it or don’t see it in your spam folder, give me a shout out), that I failed to use the 14 gauge round wire in my own piece!

Yes, that 14 gauge round wire that drove so many of you crazy was accidentally left in the list of materials used, as I’d originally intended to use it for a coiled bail but opted for the jump ring instead. So…. I’ll be doing my own “Finish It!” challenge, including the 14 gauge round wire, just so I can understand the pain of my fellow participants. lol. 

Anyway, that means I’m even MORE impressed with the entries, because the participants took the steps I provided (which didn’t include that pesky 14 gauge wire) and had to incorporate that nonsense piece of wire in there somewhere! And boy did I open every single email submission I received and say to myself “Why didn’t I think of that?” Because every single entry was outstanding. 

By the way, if you haven’t already seen the Gallery of Entries, check out the gorgeous work by clicking the link highlighted above! You wont be disappointed. 

Now for the winners! We had both a “group favorite”, voted for by the participants of the challenge (and only the participants, to help avoid a popularity contest), and a “judged favorite” chosen by a panel of seven individuals, myself included., who were non-participants in the challenge. So let’s begin! 

Dalila Caria

​With an overwhelming number of the votes, this was not a surprising win. Creating a mask, utilizing such symmetry, and working that darn 14 gauge wire into the framing at the bottom is truly masterful work and looks stunning. I mean, I’d wear it all day every day and not even as a pendant, but as an actual mask! To mirror those swirls is a feat in and of itself and I’m immensely impressed with this craftsmanship

Lori Kalafos

I mean, seriously? I admit to being partial to owls anyway, but this incorporates so many different types of weaves that I’m really impressed. Even added in a coiled coil and hid that 14 gauge round wire like a boss! The little spikes beneath the eyes add so much dimension to the design and are such a nice compliment to the curves above the eyes, that it all flows together so beautifully. 

​Both of these participants deserve all the recognition they receive, because the work speaks for itself and demands notice and some real appreciation. These artists have a command of design that I’m, quite frankly, super jealous of right now and super inspired by. 

Both winners will receive 10 tutorials of their choice and a $25 cash prize (payable via PayPal), and Dalila will receive my finished pendant (sans that 14 gauge round wire!). But honestly, guys, let’s be straight…. the struggle to judge this was real, and I imagine that sentiment is shared by all the participants who cast their vote. Because every entry was a wonderful peek inside the character of its creator, and inspires in me the motivation and creative drive to get some work done! Thank you so much to everyone who participated, and I hope you will all check out the entries linked above and share some love with the contestants. 

See you in the next challenge! Stay creative!


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