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We have recently branched out our service offerings to include Construction Management Services, where we provide the latest in construction technology advancements and sound management practices to deliver construction projects successfully.

Do you have a major construction project in mind, but are not sure who you can trust to manage it appropriately or competently?

Do you need skilled and  experienced construction representation on your side to assist with a technical building process?

We have experience managing highly technical construction projects from both the General Contractors perspective and as an Owner’s representative. Clients have included work for TELACU Construction Management, Summit Builders and UPA Construction.

Some of our most successful projects include:

Hawthorne High School Phase 1 $45m
Gratts Early Education Center $42m
The Montage $92m 300+unit mixed use project

Want to learn more about our insights into construction management? Checkout our Construction Productivity Guide:



Construction Productivity Guide


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