Amazon Flex Work on Your Own Schedule Make up to $24 an Hour!

Amazon Flex is a great way to make extra cash using your own vehicle and it is required to have state minimum coverage and AAA in case of a breakdown but regular vehicle maintenance is crucial to completing the tasks you have signed on for in the Flex app.

How To Make Money On The Side With Amazon Flex

Amazon has many different ways to make money warehouse and grocery delivery local sellers need their products delivered. The freedom to work your own hours and be home when you prefer is the perk of this freelance gigs in 2020 it’s important to keep as much cash on hand great for a second job. I also love the fact there is no boss breathing down your neck! 

I have a brother in law who has worked for flex he worked 6 hours and left with $100 per day the app is great and you can work as soon as you validate drivers license insurance and sign the contract. 

Q: How much $$$ can I make realistically working as an Independent delivery driver for Amazon Flex?

A: When you see an offer, you will see the pick-up location, duration, and potential earnings. For programs with no tips, the amount you see in an offer is your guaranteed earnings: regardless of whether a block ends early or late, you will earn what you see in the offer. As an example, if you see $72 for a 4-hour block, Amazon’s contribution is $72, and that will be the amount you will earn. Amazon will always contribute at least $15-$19 per scheduled hour, depending on your location and demand.

Q: Will I have benefits? 

A: No but you can get state benefits depending on the income guidelines or find local health insurance online

Q: How do I get work assigned to me and how will I get paid? 

ATap ‘Upcoming Offers’ on the Amazon Flex home screen to view available offers throughout the day. If there’s an offer that meets your needs, tap on the offer and then ‘Swipe to Accept.’ A reservation will be added to your calendar if we confirm the offer request.

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