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With every year and every season come new jewelry trends. It is impossible to characterize jewelry trends 2019 in one look, In fact, Bold seems to be the prevailing theme; whether large statement pieces or dainty pieces layered to create a statement look.

One can forget to take a bag, but forgetting a bracelet or earrings today is considered a sign of bad taste!

The main jewelry trends 2019 include the abundance of stones, multilayering, large-scale parts, and asymmetry.


Pile on the Necklaces


An accumulation of necklaces will thrill any jewelry lover.


Layered necklaces: Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Alexander McQueen, Christian Dior


Inspiration from Nature


The world of nature is the ultimate inspiration for any artists. Shells, feathers, and rocks found their place in jewelry trends 2019.

Jewelry Trends 2019:Shells: Altuzzara, Anna Sui, Michael Kors

Shells: Altuzzara, Anna Sui, Michael Kors


 Rocks: Carolina Herrera, Victoria Beckham, Giambattista Valli,

Rocks: Carolina Herrera, Victoria Beckham, Giambattista Valli,


Jewelry Trends 2019;Feathers: Longchamp, Ulla Johnson, Marni

Feathers: Longchamp, Ulla Johnson, Marni


Silver, in the form of large bold chains, is in style, but gold never goes out of style, this season gold earrings, particularly creative hoops, remain strong.


Metal Chains


Links and chains of all sizes wrapped necks, wrists, and bodies. Jewelry fans will notice that the types of links vary but most include the anchor and cable chains) – we’re talking earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.


Jewelry Trends 2019 are Metal Chains: Chloé, Off-White, Monse, Hermes

Metal Chains: Chloé, Off-White, Monse, Hermes


Gold is Standard


Golden crescent-moon hoops were an unexpected trend this season together with gold coins and medallions.


Jewelry Trends 2019: Beautiful People, Dior and Valentino gold earrings.

Beautiful People, Dior and Valentino gold earrings.


Jewelry Trends 2019: Medallions and coins: Oscar Della Renta, Dolce & Gabbana Paco Rabanne

Medallions and coins: Oscar Della Renta, Dolce & Gabbana Paco Rabanne




Designers have come up with ultra-creative twists on regular accessories and have changed the industry. The leather is added to the usual materials. Leather collars, earrings, and mini pouches put a whole new take on things.

Jewelry Trends 2019: Leather Loewe, Tom Ford, Hermes

Loewe, Tom Ford, Hermes


Logo looks are sticking around for a little longer


In 2018 jewelry brands were labeled with magnificent monograms. It looks that the trend is good accepted and it goes on in 2019.


Jewelry Trends 2019: Chanel, Dior

Chanel, Dior



Double usage accessories were everywhere this season paired with an overtone of fun. At Burberry, we spotted the passport/necklace combination. Then there was Coach 1941 with fork earrings in 2019 collection, and even a Dior purse that moonlights as a bracelet (try losing that on a night out).  Designers gave new meaning to everyday objects, creating charming and super playful accessories.


Jewelry Trends 2019 Double usage jewelry: Burberry, Coach 1941, and Loewe

Double usage jewelry: Burberry, Coach 1941 and Loewe



Of course, the occasional heart has always popped up in collections. But now we may be looking at a dominant wave that’s going to be at its highest point in 2019.


Hearts are Jewelry Trends 2019: Versace, Valentino, Balenciaga

Versace, Valentino, Balenciaga


Flowers of all shapes and sizes doused models on the runways, and we are here for it. Whether you opt for a delicate flower pendant or a mini garden on your ears, this is one trend that has us actually feeling like florals are a ground-breaking trend for 2019.


Jewelry Trends 2019: Flowers - Rodarte, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana

Rodarte, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana



It is crucial that you feel happy wearing pieces of jewelry, trendy or not.  However, in choosing jewelry, you should still consider things like features, the shape of your face, your body style, your height, and the colors that match your skin best.

The key is: wear jewelry that makes you sparkle! If you need some help to figure out what jewelry trends 2019 are perfect for you, contact us!

Of course, you should expect many jewelry surprises in 2019. Stay with us in the future to see, what new and unique designs Gemme Couture prepared for 2019.




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