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Step into Chicago throughout the 1960s and ‘70s, where mobsters influence everyone from strip-club owners to Teamsters, aldermen, judges, and local police. It is a world where good men are corrupted by the irresistible lure of money and power, and families are shattered by lies, violence, and tragedy.

Danny Seifert, a street-smart and ambitious young man, follows his father’s example in his efforts to supply a great, comfy life for his better half and kids. Soon, nevertheless, his course leads him towards the dark heart of the Mob. His profession options ultimately bring him to a point where he should pick in between commitment to the Mob and possible jail time, or coming tidy to the FBI, affirming versus Mob leaders and running the risk of retaliation to himself and his household. He selects the latter, which eventually results in his murder and years of residing in worry for his widow, Emma, and their kids.

As they become males, Danny’s boys, Joe and Nick, take it upon themselves to discover the male accountable for their daddy’s death and make him pay. In looking for retribution for Danny, will they likewise catch lives of criminal activity, or will they follow the high roadway of law and justice all the method to the Family Secrets trial in 2007, among the biggest Mob trials in history?

Find out in Deadly Associates, a diligently investigated and poignantly individual story of one household’s life inside and outside the Chicago Mob.

From The Book:

Everyone has a dark side.  A side that favors power and the quick lane, and triggers a male to look for entry into a world that exists undetectably along with the everyday; a world that balance individuals peek on their Televisions and in films, on the news and in papers, however never ever experience.  While the majority of people will never ever discuss it, much more don’t understand simply how close it is to daily life.

Chicago has actually constantly been a cradle for this parallel world.  Corruption, violence, benefits, and Mob enforcers have, sometimes, appeared to be organization as typical for the Second City.  Known for its population of hard-working households, Chicago is likewise a city with a history of hard-working bad guys.  Empires have actually been developed and ruined around the crossway of power, corruption, and politics long prior to Al Capone ruled its streets in the early 20th century.  But as Chicago developed, so did its bad guys and their activities.

By the 1930s, Capone’s control over the city had actually grown to levels never ever prior to envisioned, and his corrupt impact prowled underneath all elements of daily society.  Through that manage, he gained large benefits of wealth, power, and impact, and formed an unstoppable distribute that had actually mastered the advancement of deadly criminal minds; a few of which still extend into today day.  And in early 1970s Chicago, Danny and Emma Seifert discovered themselves immersed in this underworld; connected to mobsters with direct family trees to Capone.  Like numerous others, they discovered that they couldn’t leave its harmful pull.

September 27, 1974 began as an apparently typical fall day in the residential areas of Chicago for the Seiferts.  About a year prior, they had actually opened their own fiberglass business, Plasti-Matic Products, in Bensenville, Illinois.  They lived easily in a modest townhouse just a couple of minutes from their organization in the shadow of O’Hare International Airport.  On the surface area, bit would hint to distinctions in between their household and the common, middle-class next-door neighbors who surrounded them.  Emma, mid-twenties, was appealing and smart.  She dressed fashionably for the 1970s and her blonde hair was constantly thoroughly styled.  Danny nevertheless, was more of an enigma.  He was 29 years of ages, arrogant, and difficult.  He used a goatee and had dark hair that was combed back hipster design, that made him appear in some way lost for that time.  But it was his eyes that hinted to the fact.  They were computing, extreme, and echoed the soul of a male whose drive for success had actually moved beyond the point of possessive.  For Danny, that drive had actually reached a level of destructiveness.