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I absolutely love that there are so many Etsy shop owners who are making great money on the platform. It’s empowering for women (and men) all over the world. If you dream of your own Etsy business, I want to help you become a truly successful Etsy seller.

In this post, I’m going to share 7 non-negotiable things you must do if you want to create a new Etsy store or update your current Etsy business to make more money.

These tips come from the top sellers. They are some of the things they do to increase sales and live an entrepreneurial life.

Become a Successful Etsy Seller

1. Make sure you have a product people actually want. Look, I know this sounds elementary, but it’s vital. You need to do some research to find out what people actually want to buy.

It’s great that you make potholders in the shape of a shoe. Those sound awesome, and I would totally buy eight of them. That doesn’t mean everyone would.

Are there enough people in the world scouring the internet looking for these? We need to find out.

Go to EtsyRank and start looking at the stats this site provides. You can see what the bestsellers are, what keywords are doing well, who your competition is, and so much more.

They have both a pro and a free account. The free one will get you started just fine.

In addition, use the Etsy search bar. Start typing the first few letters or the first word that someone may use to find what you’re selling. Etsy will automatically show you what kind of things their buyers are looking for in your niche.

2. Use all your listing tags. Tags are one of the ways buyers will find your products.

You can’t believe how many sellers list things on Etsy and leave some of the tags blank. What?

You have 13 tags you can use. Use them all!

3. Take great pictures, throw those out and then take some better ones. Imagine you’re walking by a store window. (Is that a thing people still do?)

Okay. Not a store window, then. Imagine you’re looking at an Amazon product listing.

If it looks like a business took the photo using an iPhone 4, you’re not going to buy it.

You know why? You don’t trust the seller. Even if the item is something you really want, and even if the price is lower than others. You’ll pass it up and buy from a seller with a crisp photo.

I’ve seen images of things on Etsy for something I’d love to buy, but they are dark and grainy and honestly? It almost makes me think of the product as coming from a dirty home. #Truth

Photograph your handmade beauties in natural light, if possible. Never use a flash. Shoot the product from every angle. Style it to show how it can be used.

Study product photography on YouTube. Think of the time as an investment in your business, because it is.

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4. Work on your titles. Work HARD on your titles. They show up in the search results to help buyers make a decision as to whether you deserve a click.

The first few words in the description are the most important. That’s what potential buyers will see when they’re scrolling.

You have 140 characters in that valuable piece of real estate, so make them count.

You may think you know how to describe your product because you know it better than anyone else. The thing is, you need to use words in your title that other people will use, and those may be different.

You can use a tool like Soovle to find out what kinds of searches people are doing to find products like yours. Maybe they aren’t just looking for potholders. Maybe they want vintage potholders or square potholders. This is a step that’s worth every minute it takes.

7 Things You Absolutely Must Do to Be a Successful Etsy Seller

5. You should care an awful lot about your brand. Your profile, shop name, about us section, and shop header tell the story of who you are and what you do.

If you sat down with someone who didn’t know the first thing about your business, how would you explain it to them? That’s how a successful Etsy seller explains it to her virtual audience.

Oh, and by the way, make it pretty. Make it really pretty.

You can purchase quality professional branding packages on Fiverr or 99Designs fairly cheap.

6. List often. Every listing you create is another door that a buyer could use to enter your shop.

It will also give you a good idea of what people respond to, and what they don’t. Having a lot of offerings in your Etsy store and then watching the analytics will be profoundly helpful in figuring out what you’re doing right, and where you can do better.

7. Always be tweaking! If no one has bought one of your potholders, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s terrible and will never sell.

Maybe you could do a better job with your title or description? It could be that you didn’t style the photo correctly.

Or, I admit it, it could be that no one actually wants to buy it.

The only way you’ll ever figure it out is to test things. Try changing things up on listings that aren’t moving. Figure out why the things that are selling are doing well, and use what you learn to adjust other listings.

There you go! Are you ready to become an incredibly successful Etsy seller?

YOU want this. If not, you wouldn’t have read all the way to the end. I encourage you to dig into your Etsy business and then come back in six months and I’ll interview you about how you became a successful Etsy seller.

Comment below and tell us about your Etsy shop success or start up idea’s!

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