7 Best Headphones Under $50 For Transcription

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In today’s marketplace, it is a common belief that people often get what they pay for. As such, people share the same thought when it comes to purchasing headphones

You’d expect a pair that costs you a little more than the average to offer you comfort and excellent sound, not forgetting longer service.

Thankfully, I’m here to inform you that you can find similar qualities in fairly priced headphones. They are reasonably priced but that doesn’t mean they are inferior.

In this post, I highlight seven best headphones under $50 for transcription that you can buy from Amazon.

Shure might be a new name to many, but they have recently grown in popularity due to their wide offering of affordable and top-quality headphones. The SRH145m+ is the best Shure headphone I know of.

These headphones perform very well when used on tracks (audio) with sub-bass quality. Also, its mid and high tone are very accurate and do not hurt your ears when you turn on medium volume.

The design is neat and compact. It is what I would refer to as medium size. The ear-cups move up and down and the collapsible hinges allow you to fold them into half for easy storage.

Skullcandy headphones are popular for their fairly-priced headphones, most of which are sold for under $50. This on ear wireless headphones comes in different colors and has a battery life of approximately 10 hours.  

When it comes to sound quality, they are medium as I find them not to be perfectly accurate. They have a bass boost feature, so, if you don’t love bass, they might not be the best headphones for you.

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This doesn’t mean they are in any way inferior. The highs are well-balanced despite the boosted bass as it doesn’t overpower them.

If you feel that your current headphones don’t match up your bass demands, the Skullcandy uproar offers the solution.

One of the best over ear headphones under $50, the Ausdom brand is great if you’re looking for an affordable headphone.  

Their headphones match established brands like Sennheiser and Bose. Their best model is the Ausdom Wireless. It can work through a 3.5mm audio cable or wirelessly through Bluetooth 4.0.

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The over and above features include crystal clear treble, powerful, deep bass, and 3D surround sound.

The best thing above them is that you can have the volume at maximum. This is definitely louder than what your ears need, but the good thing is that the output remains balanced and very clear.

In addition, the battery holds power for about 20 hours and the Bluetooth range is quite long. The comfort is catered for by the leather padding. In them, you have top-brand quality at a great price.

Another entry level-priced model of good sound quality headphones is the Edifier H840. The wired product is very comfortable and delivers high fidelity audio. The engineering is calibrated to give the listener life-like sound at a very fair price.

Their response to frequency is amazing. The volume can go up pretty high while retaining deep bass that is truly impressive.

The design is moderate in that the size is neither big nor small. They have a sturdy over-the-ear frame that works well with some leather earmuff-style padding to isolate noise and support the sound.

Of all the headphones listed in this article, this is likely to be the fairest in terms of price. It, however, does not lower the quality they bring. This set is wireless, connecting to devices via Bluetooth. They’re also much lighter and smaller in design compared to the others.

The sound quality is fair, with fair highs and mids and a background bass.

In short, the bass is audible from “far” while the mids and highs are much louder. One outstanding feature about them is that you can increase the bass by tapping the earcups.

As such, for those who prefer such properties of audio, this is the thing for you. They, however, get distorted if the volume is increased to certain levels.

Therefore, for that not-so-flashy and very basic pair of headphones, go for the Creative Sound Blaster.

The design of the Mpow headphones catches your eye at first sight. The frame is flat and bold, meaning it will not press hard against your head.

The ear-cups are also large and padded with leather. You can actually “feel” the comfort by just staring at them.

The batteries allow for about 13 hours of wireless audio. It also comes with an audio cable. One of the features they focus on is noise isolation. In short, when you have the headphones on, you forget the world.

The bass, high and mids are balanced to give you a Hi-Fi listening quality.

Finally, here’s a big brand headphone that is way cheaper than most of these products  I’ve previously mentioned.

Despite its low pricing, this product has astonishing audio quality. The mids, highs, and bass are of superior “soft” quality. This means you will not have banging or sharp noise in your ear even with the volume is turned up high.

The superior features added include adjustable headband and ear shells (better fit), soft leather padding and a flat design that is foldable for storage and mobility.

Therefore, if you still prefer the name but need a low-budget headphone, then this Philips is right for you. 

Get yourself one of these headphones and enjoy transcribing to the utmost. Remember, in our industry, our ears are our most valued asset.


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