5 Misconceptions Keeping You From Getting Organized

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If you’ve tried to organize your home office and have given up, or have started to believe what others have told you for years about getting organized, it’s time to change your thinking.

For years, I worked with clients who tried everything to organize their home offices, but then have finally gave up. Either they didn’t know where to start or were overwhelmed by the process. They also started to believe the comments their family and friends were telling them about getting organized, especially the five below.

Misconception #1: You have to be born organized to be organized

We learn both good and bad habits at an early age and you can change any bad habit, including disorganization. When I was in the corporate world, co-workers who had organized offices told me that their homes were a mess. They focused more on their workspace because that’s where they generated their income. By the time they came home from work every day, they were too exhausted to organize anything. The bottom line is that you can learn to be organized, and it’s easier if you’re motivated to make a few changes.

Misconception #2: You have to use a daily to-do list

Planning day-to-day isn’t realistic for everyone. One person may do the same task every week, while someone else’s plans may change daily. Using a daily to-do list isn’t for everyone and can keep some people from being productive. Whether you use an app, or a paper-based system (old school still works for some), find a planning system that works around the way you work, then plan by the day or plan by the week.

Misconception #3: Being organized means being a perfectionist

Many people will agree that perfectionists are annoying. They spend time on insignificant details while ignoring the bigger picture. While other people complete a project quickly and on time, the perfectionist keeps plugging away at the project until it’s perfect. Doing things perfectly doesn’t mean you’re organized. In fact, striving for perfection can keep you from being organized. If you’re a perfectionist, make your standards more realistic and focus on ways to increase your productivity level.

Misconception #4: There’s only one way to organize your home office

Everyone works differently. Some people like to work with a perfectly clear desk, while others feel more comfortable having piles of paper around them. You could set up your home office to look the same as a friend’s home office, but if you have different working styles your home office will go back to being disorganized. When you realize that your home office doesn’t have to be set up the same way as someone else, your office will fit your needs better.

Misconception #5: If you can’t get organized, you’re a failure

I’ve met many people who feel discouraged and lack any confidence in themselves that they’ll ever get organized. They mistake their inability to have an organized home office with being a failure or a loser. While they may not be able to organize their office, they have skills that others don’t.

If you’re discouraged about organizing your home office, take a step back and find one thing you could change about it today. Organizing your home office is a step-by-step process and the first step is to stop beating yourself up about the way your office looks. You can change it.

The old saying, “Don’t believe everything you hear, and only believe half of what you see” is still true. By believing in yourself and realizing your abilities, you’ll be one step closer to having an organized home office.

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