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We here at RJT have been learning about some new, innovative tools to help us stay organized here in the office. We thought that a post with this information will be beneficial to our readers.

Whether you are needing to host a free video conference or need a quick, temporary email address, we have an array of solutions for you!

Productivity Tools

Most of the options listed here are totally free! Check out all of the great options listed below.

Writing Tools


  • This is a free grammar and spelling checker. All you have to do is install the extension into your Google Chrome and browser.

Google Tools

  • We can’t put into words how useful Google Docs is, especially if you don’t have Microsoft Office 365! You can create, view, and edit documents. Here are all the options offered:

Online OCR

  • This is a really useful tool for converting images and PDF documents into an editable text document.

PDF Tools

Xodo PDF Viewer & Editor 

  • We use this tool often! This is a free, online PDF viewer and editor.

Genius Scanner

  • This free app will turn your phone into a portable document scanner. Documents can be exported in PDF or JPEG format. Watch this video to learn more:

Tiny Scanner

  • This is another awesome, free app that will allow you to scan documents with your phone.

Email Tools

Free Email Platforms

  • There are many free email platforms you can use. Here are the most popular options:
    • Gmail
    • Yahoo Mail
    • AOL Mail
    • Yandex Mail – Unlike the email providers listed above, Yandex does not require a phone number to sign up.
    • Proton Mail – Send free encrypted emails.
    • Mail.com – You can choose from over 200 free domains for your email address. (Some of the options offered: mail.com, email.com, usa.com, dr.com, techie.com & more)


  • Scans your emails for purchases in order to help you track the progress. It also will send you alerts about price adjustments and recalls.

Disposable Email 

  • This is great for preventing spam. Obtain a free, temporary email. Here are some options:

Collaboration Tools


  • Offers a cloud-based set of collaboration tools and services.


  • This is a very popular, online-based project management tool. This video from Trello provides more insight:


  • An awesome, free tool for video conferencing. With the free option, you can have a meeting with up to 100 participants!

Reminder Tools


  • Create a free online to do list. Learn how it works here:

Google Alerts

  • Will send you alerts of news and updates

Online Timer

  • Of course, most have timers on their phones but this online tool is still an awesome free timer to have access to when your handling business online.

In Closing

With the increase of creativity amongst innovators worldwide, we are looking forward to learning about what other productivity tools will be created in the near-future.

Do you know of any useful tools? If so, feel free to contact us, so we can let our readers know. Information that can benefit others should be spread to others and we enjoy bringing it to you.

Till next time Treasure Seekers!

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