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SYSCOIN (SYS): A Decentralized E-Commerce Platform SYSCOIN FAST STATISTICS TYPE: Currency DEVELOPMENT DATE: July 16, 2014 ADVANCEMENT PHASE: Full Release EXISTING SUPPLY: 531,473,122 OVERALL SUPPLY: 888,000,000 ALGORITHM: SHA 256 EVIDENCE TYPE: PoW BLOCK TARGET: 60 Seconds CoinPayments deals Syscoin payment processing choices that permit merchants to get, send out and save Syscoin. Buyers ending up being […]

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DASH: Digital Cash You Can Spend Anywhere, Anytime, Globally   DASH QUICK STATS TYPE: Currency CREATION DATE: January 18, 2014 DEVELOPMENT STAGE: Full Release CURRENT SUPPLY: 7,947,251.2 TOTAL SUPPLY: 18,900,000 ALGORITHM: X11 PROOF TYPE: PoW/PoS BLOCK TARGET: 2.5 Minutes On January 18, 2014 a foreign money by the identify of Xcoin (XCO), was launched to […]

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Pura (PURA): The Digital Cash Movement for the Common Good PURA FAST STATISTICS TYPE: Currency PRODUCTION DATE: May 27, 2015 ADVANCEMENT PHASE: Full Release PRESENT SUPPLY: 179,664,989 OVERALL SUPPLY: 350,000,000 ALGORITHM: X11 EVIDENCE TYPE: Proof of Work BLOCK TARGET: 2.5 Minutes CoinPayments supplies PURA payment processing permitting merchants and purchasers to send out, shop and […]