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The opal stone is truly one of the most majestic and beautiful stones in the world. It is famous for its shimmering colors which make them extremely popular in the jewelry designing industry.

Opal earrings, rings, pendants, watches and brooches are not only great as gifts, but they can also be purchased for personal collection.

If you are looking to buy opals, you must have sufficient gem information so that you can get the finest items.

Learning the methods of raw gemstone identification can go a long way in helping you find the finest quality products.

Facts About Opal

• The Opal is the birthstone for people born in the month of October. Opal stone is thought to symbolize the spiritual qualities of hope and purity. The stone is a highly protective stone since it can keep a wearer from evil and harm. If you have a loved one who was born in the month of October, you can certainly offer him or her Opal as a gift.

• Opals are an ancient stone. It has long been the subject of muse for many artists, creative geniuses and writers. The earliest samples of opal stone date back to about 4000 BC.

• It is believed that the opal stone is actually formed by rain. As rainwater seeps down into the crevasses of the rock formations, they leave the silica inside them moistened. Once this water gradually evaporates, such died out silica hardens to form the opal stone.

• It takes many millions of years of time for the formation of a single piece of opal.

• Opals have two different forms of color in them, namely the background color and the play of color. While the background colors are set up from impurities present within the silica, the playing of color results from how the silica components come together.

• Opal is rare stone that have spots on Mars. Along with Peridot, it is the rarest gemstone that has been discovered in the outer space.

• Opals come in a wide range of colors such as yellow, orange, red, blue, green, purple and black.

Others facts about opal

• The name of the stone opal is comes from Opallios, a Greek word which means to notice a change in color. Opal is the Roman term for opal and it means precious stone. During ancient times, as per Greeks these stones comes out of the teardrops of joy and exuberance wept by Zeus as he successfully defeated the Titans. The opal stones are also famous for their prophetic powers.

• People in ancient Rome regarded opals as a powerful symbol of good fortunes and hope.

• Unlike some of the other types of minerals and gemstones, the opals are typically left without treatment. Nevertheless, in some cases, they can expose to smoke treatment and fracture filling to enhance the darkness of the stones.

• Australia is the largest mines and producer of opal in the world. Around 95% of opals found in the world originate in Australia.

• The Australian Aborigines believe that opal was the footprint of our creator, and he came to earth on a rainbow for ushering an era of harmony.

 Opal is a stone of good luck across numerous cultures of the world.

 The price of an opal depends on its play of colors.

 Queen Victoria wore opal all her life. While she had rubies, sapphires, and diamonds in her collection, she was completely passionate about the intoxicating hues and shimmers of opal.

So once you  are going to buy an opal stone, make sure that you are familiarizing with the gem identification procedure so that you can buy the finest products.


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