This Audiovisual Art was Made Entirely with Light Painting

Photographer Reuben Wu is best understood for his pioneering outside light-painting jobs, consisting of lighting nighttime landscapes utilizing LED-laden drones. Now he’s back with a brand-new series called EX STASIS that’s a collection of 4 timelapse/motion audiovisual pieces developed completely with light-painting.

You can enjoy the 4 pieces one after another in the 1.5-minute video above.

“[The pieces] speak to my ecstatic experience of creation; a unique feeling which excites and motivates me to keep creating and exploring in the field of photography and visual art,” Wu informs PetaPixel. “An advancement from my Lux Noctis (drone light) task, this series focuses more on the intimate landscape, utilizing useful in-camera lighting impacts to communicate with the instant environments.

“As it gets dark, my surroundings cease to be an exterior experience and become a subliminal space, and that’s when I feel most connected and aware of my sense of being.”

Wu states that he’s been working for the previous number of years on weding his pioneering still photography light painting work (e.g. painting halos above peaks and drawing drifting signs into landscapes) with the motion/video work he has actually been try out.

“I was also looking at alternative methods of illumination which did not involve a drone,” Wu states. “I needed much more control, and less of an intrusive experience that is typical of drones.”

After screening out various techniques, Wu chose to utilize a 200-LED light stick that can be configured to develop customized shapes and colors. Those light shapes are then caught in video camera (by Wu or an assistant), both as stills and as videos.

A still frame from EX STASIS I.
A still frame from EX STASIS II.
A still frame from EX STASIS III.
A still frame from EX STASIS IV.

“Various methods were used to capture these pieces: stills, time-lapse, and real-time video, all combined to weave a narrative which is photographic in capture but imaginative and fictional in story,” Wu states. “This dynamic terrestrial chiaroscuro synchronizes with my sound design and music to form singular looping pieces which draw the viewer in.”

Wu is launching EX STATIS as an NFT collection through Nifty Gateway, in case you’re interested in gathering his art digitally. You can likewise discover more of his deal with his site, Twitter, and Instagram.


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