The Journey to Rootsland Begins

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Presented by Consequence of Sound and Voice Boxx Studios, Rootsland is a weekly docuseries podcast that checks out the story of 2 good friends who take a musical and spiritual journey from the suburban areas of Long Island to the streets of Kingston,Jamaica Today, host Henry “K” Karyo starts Season 1: “Reggae, Junkie, Jew” with 2 amazing chapters that will take listeners to unique places.

In Chapter 1: “Catch a Fire”, we call things back to 1987 and head to Washington, D.C., where Henry is a disillusioned justice significant atAmerican University His life modifications, nevertheless, when he strolls into a record store and ultimately protects an internship at RAS Records working for guiding reggae manufacturerDr Dread, a.k.aGary Himmelfarb The task description appears easy enough: sweeping floorings, packaging boxes, and answering phones. But, Henry quickly discovers calls to RAS Records are anything however easy.

The story continues with Chapter 2: “When the Music Hits” as Henry befriends a reggae extremely fan and a consumed caller to the label. He quickly discovers that this “Brian from Colorado” is an ambitious vocalist, whose advanced spirit might persuade Henry to follow his dream to pursue music over law. That dream comes true when Henry is entrusted to bring a reggae legend to a recording session. He’s unsure what strikes him– it might be the contact buzz, it might be the mouthwatering odor of brown stew fish– however when Henry seesDr Dread behind the blending board with a smile … life starts to make an entire lotta sense.

Stream both episodes above and subscribe now for the complete result. Below, you can stream all of the tracks from the season. An accompanying soundtrack will be launched specifically on Consequence of Sound in the weeks ahead.


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