PIERCE Joins Outlaw Ocean Music Project With ‘Deep Blue’ EP|Your EDM

We’ve been following the releases from Ian Urbina’s Outlaw Ocean Music Project because we reported on in 2015 and the music has actually been extraordinary. The core of this job comes from the truth that artists and reporters are both writers. One utilizes noises, the other leverages words.

The Outlaw Ocean Music Project is a first-of-its-kind cooperation of such developers. In integrating their mediums, these storytellers have actually communicated feeling and a local color in a fascinating brand-new method. On the easiest level though this is just a fascinating collection of inspired tunes, which vary from electronic and ambient to classical and hip hop.

Over 100 artists have actually signed up with the job consisting of Louis Futon, Herzeloyde, Tinlicker, Solarstone, and now, PIERCE with his ‘Deep Blue‘ EP. The EP features two stellar tracks, “Distress Signal” and “Phantom“, both which incorporate a deeper, eerier vibe meshed wonderfully with PIERCE’ s signature design. He’s a genius when it pertains to sound style and plan. Listening to his EP makes it feel as if you’re on this journey with him in some sort of suspenseful undersea world that is entirely hypnotic.

Check out PIERCE’s ‘Deep Blue‘ EP listed below!


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