Grouping walls

After utilizing SketchUp Pro for a long time now and seeing numerous tutorials on YouTube, I began my real layout I was dealing with earlier from scratch. This time I used the suggestions I discovered online, and the aid from the online forum. But I’m stuck once again at organizing, simply as previously.

So I have an external wall, an air space, inner wall and some insulation versus the wall. I wished to have them all in my design since it makes it more clear what the real wall is scampered. I had the ability to make all of the walls, however when organizing them, I’m not sure whether I should just include the face, both lines (or side faces in 3D?), or a single line.

What I did was triple click while holding shift to pick all the external walls initially, then group them and tag them. Then once again for the other wall and insulation. However, I’ve seen when entering 3D (by bring up), the side deals with of the inner wall comes from the insulation or vice-versa. Also another thing I’ve seen, the line in between the inner wall and the insulation is“shared” So which tag/group would this come from to make good sense? Or should I really draw 2 lines there?

Attached is my file, do not hesitate to ask more info as required.
updated.skp (396.5 KB)


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